The idea behind…our Wedding Guest Books

No more blank pages!

Soon after we started Illustries, we were chatting about weddings we’d been to, and the dreaded dilemma of the guest book – for the bride and groom, it’s the dilemma of trying to find something different but still a guest book, but as a guest, it’s the dilemma of what on earth to write! Do you go for a long and rambling message after too many glasses of wine, a short and sweet ‘Congratulations!’ or look at what everyone else wrote and do something similar? We both remembered how the guest book often ends up with loads of blank pages, or with lots of more or less the same message – far from inspiring to contribute to, or look back on!

So we started creating a new kind of guest book, one that allowed for the traditional, with space for messages from the more conservative guest, but also with prompts and features to inspire others to be more creative in the memories they leave behind. Our guest books have little hints like ‘Tell us why we’re the perfect couple’, ‘What do you remember most about the day?’ or ‘Your advice for a happy marriage’, quirkier pages like ‘Draw a fellow guest’ and ‘Doodle the happy couple’ and fun features like ‘The scale of drunkenness’, an ‘Awards’ page and ‘Sum up the wedding in three little words’.


While all our guest books are fun to fill in and to read, we also wanted to make sure they suited all kinds of weddings. That meant pared-back, beautifully styled covers and colours that will fit with any big day, but also that they are suitable for same-sex weddings too. We’re currently designing new books to add to the range, but today you can choose from our best-selling ‘Be Our Guest’ Wedding Guest Book or ‘Best Day Ever’ Wedding Guest Book, our the brand new ‘Guest Who?’ Wedding Guest Book Game to give your guests a little inspiration (and end up with a guest book you’ll treasure forever!)