Hello, yellow!


Is it just us, or is yellow ‘everywhere’ right now? Is it a key Autumnal shade or has it never gone out of fashion? Our creative powerhouse, artist and designer, Samantha Smith, has been investigating…


“Seeing an abundance of rose quartz, one of two of Pantone’s Colors of the Year, during New Is it just us, or is yellow ‘everywhere’ right now? Is it a key Autumnal shade or has it never gone out of fashion? York Fashion Week doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. What does though, is its unexpected color pairing. Instead of pitting pastel with pastel, designers have given the sweet shade a refreshingly offbeat attitude with one of the brightest colors on the spectrum: yellow, in every shade under the sun.”

InStyle online.

While looking at all of the amazing Spring 2018 collections, we noticed an array of pretty shades like lavender and orange take center stage. But there was one unexpected color we saw popping up over and over again: mustard yellow.


The colour of gold, butter, and ripe lemons, yellow comes with names like ‘sunshine’, ‘cumin’ and ‘mustard’ – warm, inviting and fresh. It is the colour of sunflowers and daffodils, egg yolks, canaries bees, happy faces, post its, and signs that alert us to danger or caution. It’s perhaps the colour that captures our attention more than any other.

In particular, yellow is such a lovely and playful tone for parents when they leave the sex of their unborn child as a surprise, it’s a classic that we turned to for the relaunch of our popular Baby Journal and Memory Book. We took our inspiration from the 2018 Pantone interiors colour ‘Meadowlark’, a fresh tone with luminous qualities.


Yellow has always been a favourite colour of mine, awakening, confident and full of optimism. it’s a statement colour, but as a lover of neutrals complimented with pops of colour, grey and yellow have never gone out of fashion for me!