Getting Real!

When you’re planning a wedding, it is so easy to get caught up in all the ‘must-haves’ – but do you really need that cake? Are flowers that important? Do you have to give gifts to EVERYONE?


At Illustries, we’ve worked with lots of brides and grooms, and we always ask the for a tip or two to pass on to those just getting started on the #wedmin. Here are some little gems – you’ll find more just like these in our best-selling Wedding Planner. And why not share yours? They might feature in the next edition!


“Relax – something will go wrong, but don’t be so uptight that it ruins your day! Try and take it in your stride and have fun. It won’t matter unless you let it matter. My Maitre D’ stepped on my dress and tore it, my cousin’s girlfriend mistakenly insulted my new mother in law to her face, my bridesmaid dropped her dress in an oil patch the night before the wedding and had to have the dress urgently dry cleaned and my dad removed my chair just as I sat down, so iI literally landed on my butt on the floor (thank god cell phones did not have cameras in those days). People still talk about it being a fabulous wedding, and I loved every minute of it.”

Lisa, aged 45, married for 20 years.

“Don’t get carried away with diets and changes. Your husband-to-be proposed to you just the way you were – you’re marrying him, forget about what everyone else might think is ‘perfect’!”

Sheila, aged 77, married for more than 50 years

“Our Best Man ended up not being able to deliver his speech – he just got so nervous. So we just asked him to propose a toast, and it was great. Don’t pile the pressure on!”

Nicola, aged 46, married for 21 years

“Forget the things that don’t mean anything to YOU. Who says you need a cake? Spend your budget where it matters!”

Sam, aged 44, married 4 years


And along with the real bride tips, how about a few facts and figures (just for fun, we’re not suggesting you need to measure up to any of these!)