Behind every great business…

Illustries business women

…there’s a great idea!

We are often asked how Illustries started – like many companies, it all started with an idea. And like many of our customers, it all began with weddings!

This is Sam. She is at Emma’s wedding, but Emma didn’t really know her (hence the turned back!)

Emma and Samantha are the co-founders of Illustries, but back in 2010, they didn’t really know each other. Emma had recently married, Sam was the girlfriend of Emma’s friend and former colleague, Mark. When Mark got them to work on a branding project together, their styles – Emma is a copywriter and Sam is a graphic designer – just clicked. And as Emma had been looking everywhere for a unique way to capture her wedding day (there was no way she was going to opt for a boring old wedding album, she wanted to add words, memories and lots of bells and whistles!), she thought Sam might be able to help her come up with something amazing.

Roll on a year, who knew!

And she did. And we knew that this new concept in wedding albums was something that lots of brides and grooms looking for something a little different would love. We created a range of personalised and bespoke albums that include all the details of the big day, including vows, readings, speeches, memories, messages and lots more, so that couples could choose an album as unique as their wedding.

We started with wedding albums, but we quickly realised that what we’d really done was solve a problem (this problem was that the usual wedding album is generic, with no way of adding all those memories that go into making your day), so we were quickly looking for the next problem to solve, and Illustries began to grow – we were determined to create books that put a smile on someone’s face, everyday.